房地产 is a great investment, if done properly. But as with any investment 和 any purchase, 如果你不’t do your 首页work, you could end up with a dud, one that costs the earth, depreciates rapidly, 和 gives you more sleepless nights than passive income.



最重要的部分之一 home buying process, 和 one that can provide some stability 和 assurances during this difficult time, is a home 检查. A home 检查 is important for all 房地产,是否’s your first 首页 or your tenth investment property. It can be expensive 和 it’是您的额外费用’d不想拥有,但是’这通常可以节省更多成本。

接着就,随即 记住, home 检查 report include, what does the process entail, 和 are there any things that it doesn’t cover?

什么是 Home Inspection?

A home 检查 is a completely unbiased 报告 on the condition of a 首页. If you’re buying a new 首页, you need to hire a home inspector 检查您可能错过的事情,您遇到的问题’重新根本没有资格去发现。 

您’不仅能够判断门是否垂下,还是11选5技巧被霉菌淹没了,但那又如何呢? potential problems involving the water heater or the septic 系统; what about interior plumbing, carbon monoxide 并发症,损坏 shingles, 和 other safety issues?

An inexperienced visual 检查 only takes you so far; for everything else, you need 认证的 home 检查s.

平均 Home Inspection Checklist

的 inspection process may differ depending on the company performing the 检查, the buyer requesting it, 和 the house in which it will take place. However, there is usually some consistency across the board 和 certified home inspectors will generally abide by a checklist similar 到 one 出lined below:

  • 结构组件: 这也许是最重要的部分 home inspection process. 的 inspector will look for foundation 和 structural issues, including sagging, bowing, breaks, 和 other potential flaws. If left unchecked, you could be purchasing a house that is uninsurable 和 will cost you thousands to maintain. 的 inspector will cover the exterior 和 interior of the house 和 will even check crawl spaces.
  • 系统:检查员将从以下位置检查以确认一切工作正常: garage door to the septic 系统, HVAC system, electrical panels, 中央 空调 系统 和 heating 系统. Although issues here are rarely disastrous, they can be costly to remedy 和 it’s important for the home buyer to be informed.
  • Safety Issues: 的 health 和 safety of the 首页owners is of paramount importance. 的 home inspector will check to make sure that gas 和 electrical 系统s are working; fire escapes are functional, 和 both sprinkles 和 fire alarms are operating as they should. Potential problems 可能包含危险的高含量 一氧化碳,破碎 shingles, 和 more.
  • Basement 和 Attic: 阁楼上有木耳吗? mildew 在地下室?快速 visual 检查 is usually all that’s necessary to spot issues here as they know what to look for. 的y will also look for visible insulation, making sure the 首页 is properly prepared for harsh weather.
  • 水暖: From poorly maintained kitchens to toilets 和 bathrooms in serious need of renovation, plumbing issues can require a massive expense on behalf of the 购房者,因此检查员将仔细检查这些内容。

A home 检查 costs between $200 和 $400 on average. However, the price you pay will depend on a number of factors, from your state 和 the inspector used 到 size of the house. 的 bigger the house 和 the greater the square footage they need to cover, the higher the cost will be.

什么’s Not Included

通常, home inspector 不会寻找以下任何问题:

  • 害虫(白蚁,蟑螂,蚂蚁等)
  • 游泳池
  • ​Asbestos 和 Radon
  • 含铅油漆

If you have reason to believe that there may be an issue with any of these areas, you can consult with a specialist to provide a quick overview of the 首页. It’s not something you should do just for the sake of it, as it will greatly increase the cost. However, if you have any reason to believe there is, or could be an issue, it may be worth considering. If nothing else, it will give you some 和平 of mind.

是一个 Home Inspection Mandatory?

你不’t need to pay for a home 检查 if you don’t want one. 您r lender will ask you to cover the cost of an appraisal 和 this will be used to ensure the 首页 is worth what they are lending you. However, a detailed home 检查 is not necessary for this process 和 it’是否要执行一项完全取决于您。


第一次 home buyers may feel a little lost when it comes 到 lengthy 和 costly process of buying a 首页. However, if you take things step-by-step 和 don’如果您没有压力就无法快速采取行动,您可以保持理智。寻找一个有能力的 11选5技巧检查员,尝试以下选项:

  1. Ask 您r Real Estate Agent: 房地产 agents aren’t always the best people to speak to when you need advice, as their goal is to sell, not to inform. However, they also have some invaluable experience 和 will know many inspectors who can perform the role.
  2. 检查 American Society of Home Inspectors: The 美国学会 Home Inspectors, 要么 ASHI 简而言之,是受信任的列表, certified 11选5技巧检查员。随着 ASHI, you’我们始终保证有能力,诚实的检查员提供物有所值的服务。
  3. Ask Family 和 Friends: If you know someone who has bought a house, then ask them which inspector they used 和 what sort of experience they had. Providing the inspector is 认证的 和 follow the strict standards 实际上,他们可以为您提供所需的帮助。


A house cannot fail a 首页 检查. It is not an appraisal 和 the goal of the inspector is not to say whether the house is worth the price that you’re paying. That’s what the appraisal does. 

的 检查, on the other hand, is simply there to highlight issues that need to be addressed, after which the onus is on the buyer to determine the best course of action, whether that be negotiating a discount or accepting the issues 和 planning ahead to fix them.

一个的好处 Home Inspection

A Realtor 不能最好地告诉你什么’s wrong with the 首页. Not only are they trying to sell you the house, but they’再也不合格 home inspectors 即使他们是,他们也是’t performed an 检查. In other words, they don’t know what those issues are 和 you can’t rely on them to provide you with key information about the 首页. 

的 same goes for the sellers. 的y may seem honest, discussing minor issues here 和 there during the walk-through, but their ultimate goal is to sell you the 首页 和 get as much money as they can. 

A 首页 inspector will give you an honest, unbiased 报告 on the state of the 首页, offering all the following benefits:

It Could Save 您r Life

每年 多达30,000名美国人 因...受伤 carbon monoxide exposure in the 首页, 和 around 500 of these die. Several thousand more lose their lives in house fires, 和 that’s before we consider the potential mortality rates associated with faulty appliances 和 countless other issues that occur in the 首页.

A 首页 inspector can spot issues that could lead to major complications in months or even years to come, potentially creating a safer 首页 for you 和 your family. For 和平 of mind like that, the cost of a 首页 检查 seems like a valuable 和 minor investment.


只是因为 inspector finds a few issues, doesn’这意味着您的选择是放弃11选5技巧或全额支付某些固有缺陷的费用。相反,您可以使用 inspector finds 与 home seller.

例如,如果检查员通知您’ll need a new central air conditioning system and 化粪池,同时还修复了一些漏水 faucets and insulation issues, you can get a quote from an expert 和 ask for a reduction of the same amount, using this quote as basis for your request. 您’不要像某些卖家所相信的那样,试图将坏局面变成好局面。您’重新简单地调整价格,以便您’当事迹转移给您时,您也不能自掏腰包。


Imagine the scenario: 您 are a first-time buyer 和 have just fallen in love with a house. It’s at the very limit of your budget 和 it’s also a little old 和 dilapidated, but you love it so much that you simply can’不要放弃。你的头在尖叫着要你退后,但是你的心已经坚定了。 

如果 inspector finds 水损害,主要问题 air conditioning and cooling 系统s, 和 potentially costly structural faults, your heart will begin to side with your brain 和 you’ll have the “out”您迫切需要的。


您可以’t put a price on peace 心中。对于大多数美国人而言,11选5技巧是他们一生中最昂贵的一笔交易。它’s something they spend an average of 14-years saving for 和 something they steadily repay over 20 to 30 years. That’s a huge investment, 和 if there is a cloud of uncertainty hanging over it concerning its true value, you may feel anxious about making the commitment.

的se anxieties will peak during the lengthy home buying process, but if you have that 检查 in the bag you’ll feel more at-ease about the whole process 和 will be confident that your investment is safe.