Credit 卡 债务 可能会令人不寒而栗,在您的原始余额上花费数千美元,并从抵押贷款,储蓄帐户和其他可改善您的净资产的支出中拿走钱。但是,’s possible 得到一个 lower rate 通过进行一些简单的更改和请求。

Start raising your 信用 得分 today.


如何获得 Lower Credit Card Interest Rate

没有什么是一成不变的, cardholders 可以与他们协商 credit 卡 company to get a lower interest rate, potentially saving hundreds of dollars over the term. Follow these tips 得到一个 better rate 并改善您的财务状况。


The first step is to know exactly where you stand. 检查一下 your credit report and your credit 得分, calculate your 债务-to-income ratio, and see how all of this compares to when you first agreed to those credit 卡 优惠.

It’s also important to understand your 信用 卡 terms and conditions, including your payment due date, your existing balance, current 卡 费率和宽限期。此信息将为您最终与您联系时做好准备 credit 卡 issuer.

2.改善你的 Credit Score

如果你有 信誉良好,您可以跳过此步骤。但是,如果 credit history is weak, your FICO 得分低,还有改进的空间,’是时候建立分数了。幸运的是,这并没有’无需花费很长时间,只需付出一点努力和承诺,您就可以实现 good credit score 在短短几个月内:

  • 支付历史: Accounting for 35% of your 得分, your payment history is a record of all successful payments, as well as all missed and late payments. This improves slowly, but it can turn sour quickly, so keep meeting those payments to avoid taking a hit that will undo all your hard work.
  • 信用使用率: You can improve your credit utilization 通过增加分数 credit limit 在您的信用卡上,还清债务,并避免将这些卡用完。但是,如果你’要增加你的 信用额度,请确保至少在开始下一步之前几个月发生,因为这可能会损害您获得信用额度的机会 lower 利率。成为授权用户也将改善您的这方面 credit 得分.
  • 停止申请: Avoid applying for new 信用 at all costs. Not only will it leave a hard 信用 check on your account, but a new account can also reduce your 得分. You can often improve your 得分 by avoiding new accounts as it will increase the 平均 age of those accounts.
  • 支付更多: 每次您支付最低金额时,您’偿还大量利息和少量本金。通过增加 minimum payment, you’会清除更多的本金,从而大大减少您的本金 credit 卡 balance and improving your credit 得分.

3. 联系 Your 信用卡 Issue

下一步是与您的 credit 卡 company and request a 较低的比率。这似乎是一个失败的原因,但是它’从事物的角度理解事物很重要。他们的最终目标是收回借给您的钱,之后,他们每多获得的美元都是奖金。

许多债务进入收款行列,这意味着它们被廉价出售,而债权人没有’无法获得全部余额。如果一个 rate change 表示他们可以增加全额回报的机会 信用卡帐户,他们’乐于提供帮助。您需要证明自己将成就一切 reasonable efforts 支付您的信用卡付款,但如果没有 rate reduction.

你可以找到 客服电话 on the back of your 信用 卡. This number will put you in contact with a customer service representative 可以帮助您带来那些 high-interest rates down.


如果他们赢了’t budge when you ask them nicely, offer them an incentive in the form of a lump sum cash payment. 如果你有 any savings, offer to pay down a large sum in exchange for a reduced interest rate. 

由于您的事实,这似乎不会使他们受益’付更少的利息,因此给他们带来更少的利润。但 credit 卡 companies 总是有违约和未偿债务的风险,如果他们能够一口气清算这些债务,他们就会’ll be happy to help.


如果您的信用卡提供商拒绝降低您的利率,他们可能会提供一些暂时性的延缓,从而在几个月或一年的时间内将您的利率降低一两个百分点。如果他们拒绝帮助您,即使您的财务状况有所改善,也请记录下来,然后在几个月后重试。您可能会发现更容易接受 客户服务代表, 否则您的情况可能会进一步改善。 



减少您的最简单方法 current interest rate 是要完全摆脱那些卡。这将每月为您节省几美元,改善您的 credit 得分, and allow you to put that extra cash to something more useful. There are a few ways you can clear this 债务, none of which require you to complete any of the above steps first:


Debt accumulates quickly, especially if you have been increasing outgoings on a rewards 卡 just to get more points or 返现。但是,在还清债务时,一切似乎都在缓慢进行,这可能非常令人沮丧。

但是,如果您坚持下去,那么您’最终会到达那里。债务还本付息策略(例如“债务雪崩”和“债务雪球”)可帮助您消除余额并清除 average credit 卡 debt 在短短几年内。 

为了使这些策略起作用,您需要继续 time payments 所有的钱,把你有的多余的钱用于 monthly payment, thus clearing more of the principal and reducing your 债务 one 信用 卡 at a time.

余额转介 Credit Card

A balance transfer card is designed to help you move a balance from one or more 卡s to a new 卡, one that 优惠 an introductory rate 持续6到18个月不等。在此介绍期间,您将支付余额的0%,这意味着您的更多 minimum payment 会朝你的校长迈进。

只要确保您检查了 annual fee and the typical 年度百分比,因为入门期结束后可能会收取更高的费用。您还将被要求支付 balance transfer 费用,但这通常仅为3%至5%,还远远不足以抵消收益。 

检查一下 balance transfer offers 小心,确保它们覆盖了所有 outstanding balances on all 信用 卡s, and avoid incurring any additional interest charges by making new purchases 或未能满足您的 monthly payment.


Debt settlement companies offer your 信用ors reduced settlement sums in exchange for clearing the 债务s. A $10,000 credit 卡 债务 例如,可能需要支付$ 4,000至$ 5,000的违约金。 

However, to make this work, you need to stop making payments every month, thus scaring your 信用ors into believing they won’得到他们的钱,使他们更有可能以更少的钱解决。


债务管理 is basically a carefully managed 债务 consolidation program, with your monthly payments going to the debt management company, before being distributed to your 信用ors. 

但是,您将需要做出一些牺牲。例如, debt management 公司可能会坚持要求您避免登录 new 信用 卡 until after the program has finalized and that you close all but one of your 卡s.