的 最好 商店信用卡 和 How 的y Work

Store 信用卡 are offered by the biggest chain 商店s as a way to attract more consumers, encourage additional purchases 和, ultimately, improve their bottom line. 的 零售ers work with 信用 card networks like Visa, MasterCard, Capital One, 和 American Express 创建以他们的业务为中心的信用卡, perks, 奖励, 和 cashback 每次用户在商店消费时。

Start raising 您r 信用评分 today.


你可以找到 store 牌 冠以 grocery 商店s, department 商店s, online 零售ers, 和 more. 的y tend to have higher interest 费率, more limitations with regards to how 和 where they can be used, 和 smaller credit limits, but credit score requirements are more forgiving 和 there are some very useful reward rates on offer. 

With that said, where can 您 find the best 信用卡, which 商店s offer the most favorable rates 和 bonuses, how can 您 apply, 和 are store 牌 good or bad? In this guide, we will answer all these questions 和 more.

怎么会 Store 卡 Impact My Credit Score?

A store card, like all 信用卡, impacts 您r credit score in several ways. However, many of these issues are temporary 和 minor:


A hard inquiry will be placed on 您r credit report as soon as 您 apply. This is true for every card 您 apply for, although 您 won’t receive this mark until 您 advance beyond the initial comparison 和 quote stage. What’s more, the lender is required to warn 您 when a hard inquiry is about to be placed on 您r credit report.

Unlike loans 和 other lines of 信用, there is no allowance for “rate shopping” which is when multiple inquiries will count as one if they are made within a short period of time. As a result, every hard inquiry can show on 您r report 和 reduce 您r credit score 最多下降5分。


All new accounts can impact 您r credit score in two ways. Firstly, part of 您r credit score considers whether an account is new or not, 和 if it is, it will be negatively affected. This won’t have a huge or lasting impact on 您r score, but it will reduce it slightly. 

Secondly, the overall age of 您r account will also be considered. 的 more accounts 您 have 和 the older these are, the less likely a new card will impact 您r credit score as this is based on an average. If 您 only have one other account 和 it’s fairly old, a new card will have more of an impact on this aspect of 您r score, turning an old average into a middling one.

3. Credit Utilization

这是新的少数积极方法之一 store card can impact 您r credit score. 您的 credit utilization ratio calculates all 您r 信用 和 您r debt 和 compares the two. 

If 您 have two existing 信用卡 with credit limits of $20,000 和 balances of $10,000, 您 have a credit utilization rate of 50%, because 您 have used half of 您r available 信用.

When 您 add a new 信用 card, 您’重新抛出一个额外的 credit limit into the mix 和, for the first month at least, it won’t显示具有平衡,所以所有这些都将是积极的。这是关键,因为 credit utilization accounts for 30% of 您r total credit score.

唐’但是不要太兴奋 store 牌 通常有很低 credit limits and as soon as 您 start making purchases, 您 may see those benefits disappear.


在上面讨论的所有事情中, credit utilization is the most important as it accounts for 30% of 您r total credit score, while for new accounts 和 您ng accounts it’s between 10% 和 15%. However, 您r payment history is the single most important part of 您r score 和 if this is damaged 您 could undo any positive gains made elsewhere.

Store 牌 still report to the 信用 agencies 和 if 您 miss a payment, they will find out, 您r payment history will take a hit 和 您r 信用s score will suffer. 

的 Best Store Credit 卡s

我们比较了 sign-up bonus offers, intro APR rates, cashback rates, 和 more to find the best rewards card for 您r needs. All these can help 您 to save some money at the checkout, but if 您’re new to these 牌 和 don’t know how they operate or how to use them safely, make sure 您 keep reading to learn some essential tips.

好市多 Visa 

的 Costco rewards card is offered by Citi and tailored exclusively to Costco members, whether they are purchasing in the 商店 or at Costco.com. 

占16.74% interest rate 比其他任何人都受人尊敬 store 牌 are offering 和 it’s actually one of the better reward 牌 offered by 花旗,符合条件的客户最多可节省4% gas stations (up to $7,000), 3% at restaurants, 和 2% at Costco 和 Costco.com.

您还可以要求1% cashback 在所有其他购买中,从 drugstores to department 商店s 和更多。你会需要 Costco membership to be accepted for this card, but the fact 您 don’t need to limit 您r purchases to this 商店 makes it the best store card 至少在我们看来

实际上,考虑到所有因素,’比特定选项更好 store 牌 由...提供 Whole Foods, Lowe’s, 和 countless others, because 您 can still get 2% cashback at all those 商店s 和 您 can do so without having a massive interest rate hanging over 您r head.

Of course, 您 don’不能得到所有这些积极因素,而要获得一些否定因素。这个 rewards 信用 card 需要无懈可击 credit score, 和 unless 您r 信用worthiness is deemed excellent, 您 may be refused. What’s more, 您r points need to be spent at Costco, 和 not as statement 信用.

  • 年费:$ 0
  • 年利率: 16.74% Regular 年利率
  • 奖励率:1%至4%
  • Purchase 和 奖励类别:全部 Purchases
  • 其他:最高4% eligible gas purchases; no 国外交易费。

亚马逊Prime Store 卡

亚马逊有传统 store card and an Amazon Prime Store 卡, with cardholders 他们加入时升级为后者 Amazon Prime.

亚马逊Prime Store 卡 cardholders can earn 5% cashback on purchases 和 there is also a $10 bonus offer, with the money added to 您r account as soon as 您 join. 的re are multiple special financing options as well, all of which make this a solid 奖励卡 和 a great choice for anyone who spends 很多 of money at Amazon.

  • 年费:0%
  • 年利率: 27.49%
  • 奖励率:最高5%
  • Purchase 和 奖励类别:亚马逊 Store Purchases
  • 其他:免费$ 10 gift card

沃尔玛 Store 卡

赚 cashback when 您 spend money in the Walmart store, on the Walmart app or at Walmart.com。您可以在以下位置使用奖励 checkout 并确保2%至5%的安全性 cashback depending on the type of purchases 您 make 和 whether or not 您’re in the intro period.

  • 年费:$ 0
  • 年利率: 26.99%
  • 奖励率:2%至5%
  • Purchase 和 奖励类别:全部 Walmart purchases.
  • 其他:在 intro period.

我的百思买 Card

的 My 最好 Buy store card offers 5% cashback in the form of a points-based system 和 this increases to 10% on 您r 第一天,这是更好的一天 credit card offers you will see. 的re are also multiple discounts, free shipping 报价, 和 other 特权,但要警惕更高 interest rate.

  • 年费:$ 0
  • 年利率: 26.74%
  • 奖励率:5%
  • Purchase 和 奖励类别:百思买产品
  • 其他:10% cashback on 您r first day of 购买。

间隙 Store 卡

的 GAP store card isn’像 Costco Anywhere Visa and doesn’t have the first purchase offer found on the 我的百思买 card or the optional extras 您 can get with the Amazon Prime Store 卡. However, if 您 spend 很多 of money at the Gap, it’非常值得考虑。 

You can earn five points for every buck 您 spend at Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, 和 Old Navy, 和 every time 您 earn 500 points 您’ll get a $5 reward card to spend at these 商店s. 的re are additional bonuses, discounts, 和 perks as well, including birthday discounts 和 特别 offers for big spenders.

  • 年费:$ 0
  • 年利率: 27.49%
  • 奖励率:每消费1美元可获5点积分
  • Purchase 和 Bonus Categories: Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta 
  • Other: Lots of extra bonuses 和 cash back rewards

是 Store 卡s Good or Bad?

Store 牌 are like bar tabs for 您r favorite 商店s. You add items as 您 need them without worrying about the cost, 和 then 您 pay for them all at the end. And instead of getting a hangover 和 a prevailing sense of regret at the end of it all, 您 earn reward points that can be used to purchase even more items.

It’s a cycle of consumerism that provides many benefits to the 商店 和 the economy 和 奖励 您 for 您r loyalty. Or, if we adopt a more cynical approach, it’s a cycle that favors everyone except for 您; one that exchanges loyalty for debt. Sure, 您 get a few token perks, but these are designed to make 您 feel good about 您r excessive spending, to stimulate the reward center of 您r brain 和 encourage 您 to keep feeding into a cycle that benefits the 零售er.

的se 牌 can have their benefits 和 when used properly they offer the customer some advantages. However, there’s no escaping the fact that they exist for the sole purpose of increasing the 零售er’s bottom line 和 they profit more if 您 spend money 您 don’t have 和 accumulate debt 您 can’t afford.

为什么 Store Credit 卡s Exist?

A store card, like a rewards card, is designed to encourage spending 和 to convince 您 to spend more money at a particular 商店. Imagine, for instance, that 您’打算在一家商店购买电视 department 商店. You find that TV for $1,000 at a department 商店 out of town, but 您r local 商店, with whom 您 have a 存储卡,售价为1100美元。 

If 您’re like the majority of consumers, 您’ll opt for the later, 和 the bigger the purchase is, the less 您 will care about the extra money. It should work the other way, but we’例如,与我们在家中相比,我们更有可能省下10%的衣物费用。 

It’就像我们的大脑注册一定的金额“a lot” 和 don’不能太多注意价格变化,这就是为什么许多房主赢得’t care about spending $200,000 instead of $180,000 on the house of their dreams, but will go insane if a 零售er suddenly increases the cost of their favorite item from $10 to $12.

您的 store card will never earn 您 enough points to justify that additional $100. In fact, 您 won’t赚取足够的积分来证明仅$ 20的额外费用是合理的。让’s assume that 您 find a card that 提供5% on all 购买。 That TV will earn 您 $55 in reward points, which means 您’再付$ 100才可得到$ 55 cash back.

那不’没有任何意义,但是’s a trap that countless consumers fall into 和 one that retail store cards rely on. And that’假设速率很高。除了 intro offers 和 the high-paying reward 牌 outlined above, the average reward card actually offers around 1.5%, which means it would only make sense to shop at 您r local 商店 if that TV was being sold for $1,014 or less.

的 零售er might try to convince 您 that these 牌 are designed to reward loyalty, but it’s all about encouraging spending 和 trapping 您 into a cycle of consumerism.

如何使用 Store 卡s Properly

Store 牌 make their money via financing 选项, 和 by charging high variable 年利率, penalty fees, 和 more. 的 idea is that 您 purchase something 您 wouldn’t otherwise have purchased, 和 because 您 can’t afford to meet the repayments, the card traps 您 in a cycle of debt.

To avoid being beaten by a 零售er 和 their tempting offer, 您 need to:

  • Use 您的 Favorite Stores: 的re’仅凭单次购买就无需注册卡。除非它’s one of 您r favorite 商店s, one where 您 spend 很多 of money 和 shop regularly, the card likely won’t provide 您 with many benefits.
  • 与奖励卡比较: 在大多数情况下,有了 奖励卡。可能会向您提供 定期的APR,低廉的费用以及许多其他好处,以及更好的 cash back rate. 唐’t assume the store card you’re being offered is ideal just because 您 like the 商店. Check the 费率, terms, 和 bonuses, 和 compare it to popular rewards 牌 and cash-back credit 牌 看看哪个更好。例如, Chase Freedom and Discover It cashback cards 通常比任何一个都要好 store 牌, although 您 may need excellent 信用 to apply.
  • Check the 年利率: 的 年利率 is often much higher on cashback cards and store 牌 are no exception. In fact, many of these 牌 offer the highest possible rates. Some will tempt 您 in with an intro APR, only to hit 您 with a higher rate after 6 to 18 months. Pay close attention to these rates to avoid being stung.

Pay 您的 Balance: Reward 牌, 和 all 信用卡 for that matter, profit when 您 struggle. 的y earn most of their money when 您 don’t在月底偿还余额,因为这使他们可以启动 interest charges. By only getting 牌 when 您 know 您 can clear the balance 和 doing all 您 can to make it a reality, 您 can avoid being hit with high fees 和 rates.