5 Reviews of the Best 零售 商店 信用卡

零售 store cards can be more trouble than they are worth. 的y benefit the 商店, not 您, as they encourage 您 to spend money 您 不要’t have on products 您 不要’t need, just so 您 can accumulate a few points. 

Start raising 您r 信用 score today.


但它’s not all doom 和 gloom, because while there are some very low value, high interest rate store 牌 out there, there are also lots of 牌 that offer great rates 和 terms in addition to fantastic reward schemes.

We’我已经看过一般 store 牌 and we have reviewed the 最好 travel 牌 和 cash back 卡。在本指南中,我们’ll突出5个最佳 retail store cards 并更深入地了解他们 perks, 奖励, financing options, 和 more.

什么是 Retail Store Card?

A retail store card is like a credit 卡, in that 您 use it to make purchases, build a balance, 和 then pay that balance off at the end of the month. 如果你不这样做’t pay the balance, it will roll over 和 您’ll incur interest.

这些卡片将所有活动报告给三个主要 credit bureaus (TransUnion,Experian,Equifax)就像传统 信用卡,他们也可以拥有 年费,奖励等。然而, retail store cards 倾向于闭环 credit 牌, which means they can only be used in a specific 商店 or location (department 商店, grocery 商店, website).

的se 牌 are offered by many large American 零售 chains, 和 they are intended to reward 和 promote loyalty.

的 Best Retail Store Credit 卡s

Some of the 最好 “retail” credit 牌 外面有像这样的大品牌的名字 Amazon 和迪斯尼。但是,这些是 open-loop 牌. 

Not only do they allow 您 to spend money everywhere credit 牌 are accepted, but they reward 您 for doing so. In the list below, we have focused purely on closed-loop retail 牌, ones that are restricted to the 商店s that issue them.

亚马孙 Prime Store 卡

的 Amazon Prime Store 卡 is just one of several 牌 offered by this 零售 giant. Some of these credit 牌 are 品牌 with the Visa 徽标,可以在任何 Visa card can. 的 Amazon Prime 但是,存储卡仅限于 亚马逊,您最多可以收取5% cash back on every dollar that 您 spend in the 商店.

  • 年费:$ 0
  • 信用评分 Required: Fair 和 Above
  • Financing: 0% APR for Between 6 和 24 Months
  • 奖赏 Rate: Up to 5% Cash Back at Amazon.com
  • 利率:27.49% Variable
  • 注册奖金:10美元 Amazon Gift 卡

如果你不这样做’t have an Amazon Prime account, this isn’t much of a rewards 卡. And therein lies the only real issue, as Amazon Prime 在撰写本文时每年花费119美元,’s greater than the annual fee you’会付出一些最好的回报 credit 牌, including the more premium 牌 offered by American Express and Mastercard.

当然啦’s not strictly an annual fee, as 您’还将获得以下提供的所有好处 Amazon Prime,除了 cash back rewards. If 您 can benefit in any way from Amazon Prime, this is definitely a worthwhile 卡 和 if 您 spend a lot of money at Amazon, 您 will almost certainly benefit from Amazon Prime.

If 您 can’t get those benefits, then 您 probably 不要’花很多钱在 Amazon, in which case this 卡 won’t be a good fit.

间隙 Store 卡

的 GAP store 卡 is one of our favorites 和 there are several reasons for this: You 不要’t need a 高 credit score, there are numerous bonuses 和 优惠, 和 it can be used at GAP stores as well as Banana Republic, Old Navy, 和 Athleta.

会员卡 can earn big points when they spend at eligible 商店s; a 20% discount when first using the 卡, 和 a 20% quarterly 奖励 boost. 的re are other point boosts 和 优惠 as well, including birthday discounts 和 access to special 优惠.

  • 年费:$ 0
  • 信用评分 Required: Fair 和 Above
  • 融资:不适用
  • 奖赏 Rate: 5 points per dollar spent at eligible 商店s
  • 利率:27.49% Variable APR
  • 注册奖励:可在以下位置获得额外积分 account opening

劳’s Store 卡

你可以得到5% cash back 与购买 Lowe’s store 卡 and there is also an interest-free financing option, whereby 您’ll get 0% APR if 您 clear the balance in full within 6 months (applies to purchases of more than $299).

的re is no annual fee to worry about 和 您 only need to have Fair 信用 to be accepted. Consumers who spend a lot of time 和 money at Lowe’肯定会从中受益 retail store card.

  • 年费:$ 0
  • 信用评分 Required: Fair 和 Above
  • 融资:0%至7.99%,长达84个月
  • 奖赏 Rate: 5% cash back
  • 利率:26.99% 可变年利率
  • 注册奖金:不适用

科尔’s Store 卡

科尔’s is the largest department 商店 chain in the United States 和 has one of the more interesting store 牌. 的re is no generous reward scheme here 和 no enticing financing 优惠 either. But 您 only need fair 信用 to apply, there is no annual fee, 和 new cardholders 可获得35%的折扣。

代替 rewards program, the Kohl’s retail card offers 12 special 优惠 every year. 的se 优惠 are basically discounts of up to 35% 和 they can be used on a host of store purchases. You will also get a coupon for 15% off when 您 first receive 您r 卡.

不是最慷慨的 credit card offers and it’与其他人相比有点缺乏 retail credit 牌, but for a 卡 that doesn’t demand excellent 信用 and doesn’t charge an annual fee, 您 can’t go much wrong.

  • 年费:$ 0
  • 信用评分 Required: Fair 和 Above
  • 融资:不适用
  • 奖赏 Rate: N/A
  • 利率:26.49% Variable APR
  • 注册奖金:35%的折扣 First Purchase

手指小屋 Store Card

手指小屋信用帐户与其他帐户略有不同 retail 牌 in this guide. It charges a very 高 regular APR 和 doesn’确实能提供那么多的好处或回报。但是,’s ideal if 您 need to build 信用 as it’为有限的用户提供 credit histories 并向这三个报告 credit bureaus.

  • 年费:$ 0
  • 信用评分 Required: Fair 和 Above
  • 融资:不适用
  • 奖赏 Rate: N/A
  • 利率: 29.99% Variable APR
  • 注册奖金:不适用

其他 Retail Credit 卡s

Your options are somewhat limited when 您 stick with closed-loop retail 牌. However, if 您 allow for some open-loop Visa, Mastercard, and American Express branded credit 牌, 您’ll get bigger 信用额度更好 intro rates, more generous welcome 优惠, 和 significantly better 奖励.

的 Amazon Prime Visa 签名就是一个很好的例子。它需要上述所有内容 Amazon Prime Store 卡 并增加了很多。 

的 Costco Anywhere Visa is another standout rewards 卡. Offered by Citi, the Costco Rewards Visa gives 您 up to 4% 和 can be used on a host of purchases, with discounts 和 奖励 when 您 spend at Costco 和 Costco.com以及 gas stations, restaurants, 和 more.

的 Target credit 卡 and Best Buy credit 牌 也很值得一看。

您应该在什么中寻找 Retail Store Card?

What should 您 look for in a retail store card, what sets these 牌 apart from generic reward 牌 和 travel 牌, 和 what should 您 look for when comparing these 牌 和 looking for the 最好 one?


的 利率 on store 牌 are typically very 高. This is especially true for closed-loop 牌, as even the better ones charge interest rates 高于26%。这是一笔巨款,但是’s worth noting that 您 will only pay this is 您 fail to clear 您r balance.

还是’s worth comparing 和 contrasting to make sure 您 get a 卡 with the lowest rate possible.


年费 aren’与所有共同点 store 牌, but they’re not the only fees 您 have to look out for. You may be charged penalty fees when 您 miss a payment 和 您 may also be required to pay for membership.

For instance, one of the 牌 mentioned above, the Amazon Prime Store 卡, requires 您 to be a member of Amazon Prime,每年花费119美元。


零售 store cards are not as generous with 介绍ductory rates as traditional reward 牌 or balance transfer 牌。这些0%的APR报价仍然存在 open-loop 牌, but they’re not as big or impressive, 和 with closed-loop 牌 they are exchanged for financing programs, which come with their own set of problems.


零售 store cards often provided financing options that encourage 您 to make large purchases 和 offer 您 0% interest. It’s a “buy now pay later” offer that lures countless consumers every single day, 和 often leads them on the path to financial destruction.

When given a little time to make a sensible decision, many consumers will turn their backs on a purchase. This is why many car salespersons are told to hook the buyer 和 make sure they 不要’不要离开陈列室,因为他们知道如果顾客走开,他们获得销售的机会就会直线下降。 

That consumer will look at the sums, think it over, rationalize it, 和 realize they can’t afford it. But if they are given the option to buy there 和 then, even if they 不要’现在没有现金,他们’ll take it, they’ll complete the purchase, 和 they’会承受很多月的后果。

融资鼓励这种鲁re的支出。什么’而且,它经常使用称为递延利息的东西。这基本上意味着将利息推迟到预定的期限内。但是如果你做不到 monthly payment 准时,这些好处可能会消失,所有这些利益都会回来,而您’我会突然发现自己有巨额账单。

Reward Points 和 Cash Back

的 rewards program 是大多数消费者关注的事情。这就是定义一个 store 卡 and by paying close attention to the 奖励 scheme 您 can compare the best store credit 牌 and find the ideal one for 您.

Calculate how these 奖励 will benefit 您 和 make sure those benefits come without requiring significant changes to 您r spending. For instance, a Prime rewards card is great if 您 can benefit from having an Amazon Prime account 和 spend a lot of money at Amazon (or Whole Foods). 

But if it means purchasing a 主要 membership 和 focusing all 您r time 和 money on a 商店 您 would otherwise avoid, it’s not for 您.

津贴 and Discounts

闭环 credit 牌 don’t give 您 the travel protection benefits 您’ll get from a Visa Signature 卡 or the endless 信用s 和 birthday gifts 您 get from the 最好 cash back credit 牌. But they do offer a number of cardmember benefits, including gift 牌, statement 信用s, checkout discounts, 和 more.