How to Get the Best 汽车 Insurance Discounts

汽车 保险 rates 可能会受到您的一切影响 随年龄增长的驾驶记录,随着年龄的增长和经验的增加,您可能有权 auto 保险 discounts. These 折扣s are often available when you renew, but you can also take advantage of them before you apply.

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在本指南中 car 保险 discounts, we’ll tell you what 折扣s you’可能有资格获得,如何获得它们,可以为您节省多少费用,等等。 

汽车 insurance quotes can be astronomically high for some applicants, but armed with this advice you can bring those 费率 down and shave tens and even hundreds of dollars off your 政策.

什么是 Car Insurance Discounts?

汽车 insurance companies 根据一系列风险和概率确定价格。他们使用统计信息来确定每个申请人申请的可能性,这使他们可以在所有 policyholders 已经考虑过了。

如果你’re 年轻, drive frequently, and have a history of road traffic accidents, you’风险更高’ll likely cost them more over the term. 如果你 drive less, claim less, and reach an age where you’如果被认为是低风险的,您将可以降低成本,从而为您节省更多。

在某些州, driver discount 是法律要求的。州法律要求提供这些好处来鼓励良好驾驶,因为许多人 policyholders take their driving records very seriously.


有很多类型的 car 保险 discounts 可用,所有这些都可以帮助您 save money on your insurance 政策. These 折扣s relate to everything from your driving record 对您的忠诚度和更多。


你可以得到 better 费率 如果你能证明你’是低风险的驾驶员,通常意味着您已经驾驶了好几年没有索赔。一种 good 司机 谁从未去过 car accident 可以剃掉他们的25%以上 insurance 保费. The types of 折扣 and potential savings include:

  • 没有 Accidents (最高25%): 您必须至少三年没有事故。但是,这仅适用于收费或不收费 故障事故,本质上是指 insurance company needs to payout.
  • 低里程 (2%): 如果你 drive between 5,000 and 15,000 miles a year, you could qualify for a low-mileage 汽车 保险 discount.


驾驶习惯 与您的年龄和性别紧密相关。年龄在16至18岁之间的男人比其他任何人口统计学上的事故可能性更高。然后’这并不是唯一的区别,因为索赔的可能性每十年降低一次,直到某个点,此后它又开始增加。

You can save huge sums of money by changing your 提供者 or your 政策 as you age, and all this stems from the following car 保险 discounts:

  • 好学生优惠 (up to 25%):努力工作 high school 和大学,获​​得一些好成绩,您就有资格获得 good student 折扣, reducing your 政策 by anywhere from 15% to 25%.
  • 出门在外的学生(最多30%): Students who study a long way from home (typically over 100 miles) can qualify for 折扣s as they are less likely to use the vehicle.
  • 房主折扣(最高15%):房主被认为比 房客。这似乎有些苛刻,但是所有这些都可以归结为统计数据,他们建议您’如果您拥有自己的房屋,则不太可能提出索赔。
  • 低收入(可变): 汽车 insurance companies are required to offer 折扣s for policyholders in low-income employment, and these 折扣s can differ considerably.
  • 高级(最高35%): 汽车 insurance companies are also required to offer 折扣s to applicants aged over 65, even though the risk of claiming on an auto insurance policy 增加到60岁以上。


Many 公司 offer loyalty 折扣s these days and your insurance 提供者 没什么两样您可以 save money on your auto 政策 just because you have stuck by a single 提供者 for a number of years, with 折扣s for all the following:

  • 多元政策 (up to 10%): 你可以得到一个 multi-policy discount when you purchase several different 保险 options from the same company. Speak with an insurance agent 找出可以节省多少钱 homeowner’s 保险, car 保险, and more from the same company. The biggest car insurance providers (GEICO, Allstate, 国营农场)提供多种选择。这也称为“bundling”.
  • Multi-Car Policy (最高25%): 将家庭中的所有驱动程序添加到同一策略。如果有的话,这会使事情变得复杂 young drivers 在政策上,但是’比为它们准备单独的政策要便宜。一种 multicar 折扣 可以为您节省多达25%的费用 comprehensive 覆盖范围, so it’非常值得研究。
  • 续约(最高10%): Renew with the same 提供者 at the end of the term and they might offer you a 折扣, offsetting the extra cash you might spend by going elsewhere.

驾驶员培训和 Safety Features

从培训课程到安全设备,一切都可以减少您提出索赔的可能性。这超越了 seat belts, airbags 并坚持您的驾驶要好于平均水平。如果您想确保一些认真的态度,就需要齐心协力 safe-driver discounts:

  • 防抱死制动 (10%): An important safety feature 那会减少你的 car insurance policy by as much as 10%.
  • 防盗功能(高达20%): Theft is a common occurrence, with roughly 230 thefts for every 100,000 汽车 owners. This simple feature could net you some vehicle 折扣s by reducing the likelihood of your 汽车 being stolen.
  • Green 汽车 (10%): Driving a green or hybrid 汽车 can save you money on gas while also reducing your auto insurance premium.
  • New 汽车 (10%): Newer 汽车s are more likely to have an anti-theft device 安装并提供更好的 safety features 和其他好处。它们也不太可能崩溃。
  • 安全气囊: 当我们开玩笑说你赢了’t receive a 折扣 just because your 汽车 has 安全气囊,有一个例外。您可能需要更多 car insurance coverage if you have an old 汽车 with no 安全气囊,但如果您已在工厂安装 airbags in an old 汽车 you can save on this feature. This 折扣 is also known as passive restraint.
  • 驾驶培训(不同): Take a 防御驾驶课程 证明您可以更好地处理自己。一种 defensive 司机 索赔的可能性较小,通过此课程节省的钱很可能会抵消其成本。


Simply being associated with certain 公司 or associations can reduce your auto insurance 保费,概述如下:

  • Company Affiliation (最高25%): Membership clubs, schools, and workplaces may have 折扣 programs in place to help you save.
  • 军事(最高90%): Military vets can save up to 10%, but this increases significantly for anyone actively employed, with 折扣s going as high as 90%.


对付款方式的一些简单调整 car insurance premiums could net you a substantial saving 在你的 政策.

  • 汽车-Pay (Varies): Schedule an 汽车-pay to ensure you never miss a payment and your 提供者 may give you a percentage 折扣 or some cash back.
  • 无纸化 (3%): Go paperless 减少浪费并节省您的 auto insurance provider 几美元。在这个时代,确实不需要纸质报表,所以每个人都需要这样做。 policyholder should consider.
  • 全额支付(最高10%): 如果你 pay your annual 政策 up front you may be offered a sizeable 折扣. These 折扣s are nearly always provided by subscription services as it keeps you locked in and allows them to collect all the cash straight away. By offering you a 折扣, they can pass some of the savings on.


我们为您提供了一些示例,说明您可以节省多少,但是’仅此而已,例如。你不应该’t take this as fact and assume that your 提供者 will offer you these 折扣s. 

与他们或与您交谈 insurance agent, see what 折扣s they can offer you, and if you’对什么不满意’在桌子上,然后不要’不要害怕看别处。

您也可以改善您的 auto insurance quote by increasing your credit score 逛逛 best car 保险. There are dozens of major 提供者 nationwide 并且一旦将较小的参与者纳入等式,该数字就会远远超过100。’t assume that you’re getting the 最好 offer possible just because the same company has offered you a good rate for other types of 保险.

It’还要注意的是,费用会受到您所在位置的影响, car 保险 prices and 折扣s differing considerably from state to state.