的 Best Airline 信用卡

的 average American takes between 1 和 2 飞行s a year, most of them domestic, 和 more than 8 out of 10 have flown at least once. Americans are not as well 旅行ed as Europeans or Australians, but an increasing number of them are flying abroad, spending over $135 billion on international 旅行. 的 US is also home to 4 of the world’按载客量排名前5位的航空公司,以及7家最大的航空航天公司中的6家。

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毋庸置疑,美国航空旅行业规模庞大,并且逐年增长,因此’毫不奇怪,金融业正在与航空公司寻求自己的一块蛋糕 旅游信用卡。这些卡由主要航空公司和信用卡共同提供 发卡机构。他们通过提供鼓励消费者消费 travel 奖励 and perks 以换取日常购物。

在本指南中,我们’ll突出最好的航空公司 travel 牌, focusing 在 奖励 和 perks they provide, as well as essential information such as penalty fees, transfer fees, interest rates, 和 more.

最佳航空公司信用 Cards

的re are many perks and benefits to look out for when comparing airline credit 牌. We have scoured all 优惠, compared most 牌, 和 selected the best ones available right now. 的se 牌 are offered by specific airlines 并且与一般奖励计划或航空里程计划无关。

西南快速奖励s Priority 卡

的re are two 西南快速奖励 值得列入此清单​​的卡片 best airline credit 牌: 的 Plus 和 the Priority. 的 latter is a little more expensive but 优惠 a few more benefits 和 is a better option for frequent flyers.

持卡人 can earn points on everyday purchases 和 twice as many points on Southwest 航空公司 和合作伙伴购买。什么’此外,该卡最多可提供75,000点积分’s welcome bonus, with 40,000 released after spending $1,000 in the first three months 和 an additional 35,000 after spending $5,000 in 6 months.

的 Southwest Rapid Rewards card has a high 年费,但没有 application fee or 国外交易费, 和 there are seat upgrades 和机上折扣,以及7,500 bonus points on the cardholders 会员周年纪念日。

  • 每年学费:$ 149
  • 发行人: Visa
  • 航空公司: Southwest
  • 正常年利率:17.49%至24.49% 
  • 国外交易费用:$ 0
  • 奖赏 Program: 1x points 每一个day purchases; 2x points for 旅行
  • 欢迎 Bonus: Up to 75,000 bonus points on offer

三角洲 SkyMiles Blue American Express Card

At the time of writing, the Blue 三角洲 SkyMiles 卡 has a limited welcome offer that will expire in just a few months. This welcome offer provides all new applicants with 15,000 bonus points when they spend $1,000 in three months, 和 while it will expire soon, it will likely be replaced by a similar offer.

你可以赚 2x miles for every Delta purchase and there are also limited 优惠 that provide the same rate boost 每一个day purchases. 的 Blue 三角洲 SkyMiles also 优惠 discounts on travel purchases.

  • 年费:$ 0
  • 发行人: American Express
  • 航空公司: Delta 航空公司
  • 正常年利率:17.24%至26.24% 
  • 国外交易费用:$ 0
  • 奖赏 Program: 1x to 2x points
  • 欢迎 奖励:前三个月消费$ 1,000(限时),即可赚取15,000点积分 only)

三角洲 SkyMiles Gold American Express Card

凭70,000点奖励优惠,可节省 Delta flight purchases, main cabin priority boarding, and your first bag 免费检查, Gold 三角洲 SkyMiles is a costlier but more beneficial 卡 than the Blue 三角洲 SkyMiles mentioned above. You will be offered a similar rate 和 国外交易费, cash advances, 和 balance transfer 细节是一样的,但是你会付出更高 annual fee after the first calendar year.

  • 年费:99美元(免除 the 第一年)
  • 发行人: American Express
  • 航空公司: 三角洲 SkyMiles
  • 正常年利率:17.24%至26.24% 
  • 国外交易费用:$ 0
  • 奖赏 Program: 1x to 2x points
  • 欢迎 Bonus: Earn 60,000 points when you spend $2,000 in the first three months 和 10,000 on your first account anniversary

英国航空 Visa Signature Card

虽然它’s not tied to an American airline and is therefore not a great option for domestic 旅行ers, the British Airways Visa card is a good choice for international 旅行ers, especially those looking for the best First Class 和 Business Class experiences.

的 BA 卡 uses an airline miles program known as Avios, 和 new cardholders can get 100,000 Avios points when they first join. 的re is also a 旅行 Together 振作,当您使用积分购物时,可为您的旅行同伴在同一个机舱内提供座位。当您花费至少30,000美元时,便可以享受此优惠。

  • 年费:$ 95
  • 发行人: Visa
  • 航空公司: British Airways
  • 常规年利率:17.49%至24.49%可变年利率
  • 国外交易费用:$ 0
  • 奖赏 Program: Avios Points
  • 欢迎 奖金:支出20,000美元 the 第一年 赚100,000点

阿拉斯加航空 Visa Signature Card

的 Alaska 航空公司 Visa 卡具有最佳航空公司特定之一 loyalty programs 当您花钱购买时,它提供了无限制的3倍里程 Alaska 航空公司 purchases 和 1x for all other purchases. You can also qualify for 40,000 bonus points 并获得阿拉斯加著名 Companion Fare 当您在前三个月花费$ 2,000时。

的 Alaska Famous Companion Fare offers a round-trip companion fare for just $99 plus tax. 的re is also a first checked bag offer 和 no blackout dates 当您兑换里程时。

  • 年费:$ 75
  • 发行人: Visa
  • 航空公司: Alaska 航空公司
  • 正常年利率:17.49%至25.49%
  • 国外交易费用:$ 0
  • 奖赏 Program: Airline 奖励 提供1x到3x英里
  • 欢迎 Bonus: Get 40,000 bonus points


联合的 Explorer 卡

​Earn 1x air miles on everyday purchases 和 2x miles on hotel stays and United purchases with the United 来自的Explorer信用卡 Visa. 的re is an annual fee of $95 that isn’t charged for the 第一年,两次通过 United 俱乐部,可获得$ 100的赠金 TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry, 和 60,000 bonus points.

  • 年费:$ 95( the 第一年)
  • 发行人: Visa
  • 航空公司: United Airlines
  • 正常年利率:17.99%至24.99%
  • 国外交易费用:$ 0
  • 奖赏 Program: 1x to 2x miles
  • 欢迎 Bonus: 60,000 bonus points, $100 Global Entry credit, 和 United Club access

美国航空公司 AAdvantage MileUp 卡

在您的前三个月 AAdvantage 开户即可赚取10,000 bonus miles and $50 worth of 对帐单信用,所有支出仅需$ 500。此卡提供以下优惠 inflight purchases (food, beverages) 和 between 1 和 2 points 每一个 $1 spent.

  • 年费:$ 0
  • 发行人: Citi
  • 航空公司: American 航空公司
  • 正常年利率:17.49%至26.49%
  • 国外交易费用:$ 0
  • 奖赏 Program: 1 to 2 AAdvantage Miles per $1 spend.
  • 欢迎 Bonus: 10,000 bonus miles and $50 statement credit

什么 Credit Score Do You Need for an Airline 卡?

一般来说,您需要 credit score of at least 670 to get one of the aforementioned credit 牌, but it all depends 在 provider 和 the type of 卡. 如果你 have a credit score above 600 there’s a chance you might be accepted, but we would recommend improving your score 和 trying to get over 700 before you apply.

This way, not only will you be accepted for more 牌 和 better reward programs, but you’还将提供更好的年度百分比。

什么 are the Best 航空公司?

Interest rates 和 奖励 aren’在比较航空公司信用卡时,您应该考虑的唯一事项。您还需要考虑航空公司提供的好处,尤其是如果您’re used to 旅行ing with multiple different airlines 和 will use your new 卡 忠于一个人。


的 Airfare

You can generally save more money by shopping around, focusing 在 airline that 优惠 the cheapest 飞行s to your chosen destination, as opposed to simply relying 在 carrier that you always use. However, if you’因为一个 rewards 卡 或者因为它们在其他地方满足您的需求,’确保它们确实在您的价格范围内非常重要。

的re’s no point in choosing a 卡 offered by a premium carrier if you can only afford budget 旅行. You may save a few bucks on those premium services, but never enough to fit your budget. 

唐’只需关注提供最多积分或最佳点对现金比率的卡,然后查看航空公司’首先查看价格,再进行比较。如果卡片A为您提供200美元的优惠,它似乎是一个不错的选择 sign-up bonus or will give you $300 extra every year, but those benefits are moot if 卡 B is connected to an airline that charges $200 less per 飞行.

的 Destinations

您需要一家真正飞往您要前往的目的地的航空公司。应该不言而喻,但是很多 cardholders 只是假设他们选择的提供者会将他们带到他们需要去的地方。 

和他们’正确,在一定程度上,因为那里’s a chance your airline can get you there in the end, but only via connecting 飞行s 和 lay-overs, potentially increasing the cost of the 飞行 和 wasting countless hours of your time in the process.

Look at the routes covered by the airlines 和 make sure they fly where you need to go before you sign 在 dotted line. 

如果你’re using these 牌 purely as a tourist, you may not care where they fly 和 can simply choose your destination based on 飞行s available at the time. This is actually a great way to save money on 飞行s 和 假期, while sending you to some surprising 和 unexpected locations. 

但是,在这种情况下,使用通用的航空里程卡可能会更好,因为 airline 牌 are geared more towards business 旅行ers 和 professionals with specific locations in mind.

津贴 and Premium Options

您选择的提供者是否在机上 Wi-Fi, free meals, 和 priority boarding? Does it offer a truly premium Business Class or First Class experience? First Class facilities can differ greatly from airline to airline 和 if you’re an international 旅行er, this is a very important consideration. 

航空公司’s service 没有’t end when you book 飞行s, there are many additional features 和 options to consider. 如果你’re a business 旅行er, the last thing you want is an airline that relies on old planes, has cramped seats, 和 优惠 little or no 无线上网;如果您以时尚的方式旅行,那么您需要一家提供优质一流体验的航空公司,例如 British Airways.

的 Service

Customer service is often overlooked in favor of more easily measured parameters like price 和 routes, but it’同样重要。近年来,从要求旅客脱下衣服或珠宝到在最小的问题或最严重的疏忽中处理它们,少数几家主要航空公司屡屡成为头等舱服务的头条新闻。

如果你 have a bad experience with an airline, you’ll likely want to avoid flying with them in the future, 和 if your credit 卡 和 rewards program 与他们息息相关’t be easy.


  1. 三角洲 Air Lines
  2. 阿拉斯加航空
  3. 西南航空


  1. Frontier 航空公司
  2. Spirit 航空公司
  3. 效忠航空

什么 are the Best Credit Card Issuers?

的 credit card issuer 它比航空公司重要,因为它们中的许多人提供相同的好处。但是,’s important to stick with a trusted, reputable brand 和 if you want a solid 奖励卡,您可能会更好 American Express.

美国运通 has some of the best rewards programs 在行业中,梦幻般 credit 卡 优惠 across the board, as well as a host of extra 奖励 和 benefits for their more premium 牌, including VIP 机场贵宾室使用权,开户奖金, bonus miles, 和 a host of membership 奖励.

奖赏 Credit 卡 vs Airmiles 和 Airline 信用卡

Airline credit 牌 offer some pretty tempting 奖励 和 can seem like sensible choices for frequent 旅行ers. However, these 牌 are not 每一个one 和 depending on your situation, there may be better options out there.

When you Should Use Airline 信用卡

如果您花大量的钱在航空公司的信用卡上,那很棒 particular airline. 的y’re like store 牌 for air 旅行—every time you shop with your favorite provider you’re rewarded for your loyalty 和 can accumulate points 和 cash to purchase more of your favorite things.

如果你’re making regular 飞行s with United Airlines, JetBlue, Alaska 航空公司, Delta 航空公司, or any other airline, 和 you enjoy their services, we recommend looking into airline credit 牌. However, this really only applies if you take at least 2 飞行s per year, 和 preferably at least half a dozen 飞行s for business purposes, as it’你极不可能’ll get your money’奇怪的家庭度假值得。

什么时候应该使用常规 Travel Rewards Credit 卡s

如果你 don’t fly with any specific airline and simply focus 在 cheapest or best provider for any given 飞行, then an airline credit 卡 probably isn’为您提供最佳选择。代替, frequent flyers should look into non-airline specific 牌.

的se 牌 are not tied to specific airlines and can be used at any airport, for any airline 和 on an abundance of services. 的 best travel rewards cards offer you VIP lounge 访问; discounts on 飞行s, 租车,行李服务, car rentals, 和 much more. 

你可以变大 sign-up bonuses 那等于几百美元’ worth of 飞行 credits 和 are often rewarded with additional bonuses when you use your 卡 for 飞行-specific purchases. 

In many cases, these 牌 will benefit you even if you fly with a 特定的航空公司,所以’值得补充一些一般 travel credit 牌 搜索,包括“发现里程”, Chase Sapphire Preferred, 和 Capital One Venture.

什么时候应该使用常规 Rewards 信用卡

Just because you fly once a year 和 spend a few thousand dollars on an all-inclusive round-trip doesn’并不意味着您将从中受益 travel rewards card. 的y are certainly worth considering, 和 we recommend weighing up the pros 和 cons, but more often than not you will benefit more from a general rewards 卡.

的se 牌 offer cash back, statement credit, 和 purchase credits every time you use them. 的 best ones offer an unlimited rate of between 1% 和 1.5% on all 购买, in addition to limited rates of between 2% 和 6% on specific purchases. 

For instance, some reward credit 牌 give you 5% cash back 每次您花钱在 加油站,超市或 grocery stores, with a cap of between $1,000 和 $3,000 that allows you to earn between $50 和 $150 before the rate is reduced. You can also get a substantial 签约奖金,通常是您在前三个计费周期中花费特定金额时一次付清的形式。

在发现它的情况下 奖励卡,无限量提供1% rewards rate 除了上述奖金类别之外,您的 first year’s 奖励 will be doubled regardless of how much you earned.

的se 牌 are ideal for families, big spenders, 和 anyone who uses their credit 卡 a lot, 没有’t fly all that often 和 wants to turn everyday purchases into cash back, rewards points, 和 perks.


奖励信用卡 如果您可以从中受益,那很好,但是他们’不适合所有人。最慷慨的 rewards program in the world won’t cover the losses incurred through high-interest rates 和 penalty fees, so if you don’t pay your balance in full every month, you should focus on credit 牌 that have favorable interest rates 和 fees.

Imagine, for instance, that you spend $1,000 on your credit 卡 every single month 和 find a rewards 卡 每支出1美元,即可为您带来1.25%的无限回报。在一年中,该卡将为您带来$ 150的收入 cash back or statement fee credit. 


的 intro APR that these 牌 offer can suspend those losses for the first year 并让您以微薄的利润走开。 

但是,普通消费者没有’t在 new 卡 until they have owned it for at least a few months, 和 in most cases, for a year or two. Eventually, they spend more money than they can afford to repay in a single month, the balance accumulates, 和 before they know it, they are well 和 truly in the red.

的se days, most 牌 offer some kind of reward 和 you don’必须以更高的利率支付这些奖励。但是,只专注于具有最佳性能的卡片 rewards program and ignoring all others, you could be settling for a much higher interest rate than you can get elsewhere, 和 this is very dangerous if you’可能会保持平衡。

每个百分点都很重要,所以货比三家,不要’t focus solely 在 奖励, 和 make sure you get the very best interest rate for your credit score.