What Can You Claim on Your 首页 保险?

房主 保险 is one of the most common and the most misunderstood types of 保险, with many policyholders 低估甚至高估了其覆盖范围。没有人期望您进行研究 home insurance coverage 提前,他们当然不’不要期望您通读 insurance 政策 in full. 

找到合适的 首页 保险 为了你!

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Own your 首页?


Disaster 盖age

A survey conducted over a decade ago found that nearly a third of 首页owners believed their 政策 covered them for flood damage. However, this is an optional extra offered by specialist companies and it’s not something you’会发现平均 homeowners 政策.

It’也不是唯一的事情。您的 home insurance policy won’t赔偿您因地震造成的损失,并且可能无法为您提供 windstorm, 要么。您可以为这些自然灾害提供保障,但是您’需要支付额外费用,如果您住在高风险地区, flood 保险 仅此一项每年就可以让您损失700美元。 

On top of traditional 政策 costs, that’s a lot to pay.

好消息是,还涵盖了其他许多灾难。如果积雪长时间停留在屋顶上并导致屋顶下沉或破裂,您的保单将覆盖您。您的保险公司也可能会为您赔偿因恶劣天气造成的损失。什么’s more, while you’没有被洪水覆盖,你被覆盖 water damage 如果损坏是由于爆管造成的。


Liability 盖age

You could be forgiven for thinking that the most comprehensive 首页 保险 cover concerned 财产损失,但实际上,如上所述,您可以在此处’会找到最多的例外。 Personal liability cover, however, is much more extensive and often covers more than the average 首页owner realizes.

Your 首页owner 保险 covers you for 狗咬人,猫抓挠, 掉落的物体,以及几乎所有其他物体 liability claim 涉及您的财产。 

If someone comes onto your property, injuries themselves and then sues you, your 政策 may cover some of the resulting legal and medical expenses. The same is true if you have an accident in someone else’s 首页 or outside your 首页.

在过去的几年中,美国的诉讼变得疯狂起来,许多专业的人身伤害律师纯粹是为 dog bites and other animal attacks. A lot of this results from the fact that many 首页owners now have a greater amount of 覆盖范围 for liability. 

实际上,取决于您 type of 政策, you may be covered for up to $300,000 of legal and medical expenses. 

私人财产 Cover

您的个人财产应受到保护,以防丢失,损坏和被盗,您可能已经知道这些,因为这是最常见的 保险索赔。但是,您可能不知道的是那些 insurance premiums 覆盖住家里的每个人,即使他们不是 ’当时在家里。

例如,如果您的孩子正在上学或上大学,但前提是他们要留在校园里, personal property 保险。但是,如果他们住在校外,则覆盖范围可能不会扩展到他们,他们可能需要房客 insurance.

私人财产 应该在所有盗窃情况下都可以掩盖您的身分,但仅在属于以下情况时才涵盖损害。“covered peril” or “covered loss”。此外, personal property 保险。例如,您的 policy limits 可能会为被盗的珠宝或收藏品提供保险,但仅限于将保险金额限制为$ 1,000。那’足以覆盖大多数房主,但如果您拥有大量宝贵的收藏,则还不够。

您提供的其他承保范围 Homeowners Insurance Policy

For more information on what you 首页 保险 政策 covers, contact your insurance provider or 保险代理。如果你有一个 standard 政策, you will likely be protected for all the things discussed above, but this changes from state to state and 政策 to 政策. 

某些 additional 覆盖范围 许多政策提供的内容包括食物变质。这通常有一个 coverage limit $ 500美元,并且可能在停电时关闭冰箱并损坏里面的食物时发生。您应该为 vandalism as well, and this is true whether it occurs inside or outside your 首页. 

Your 政策 can also cover you for additional costs and living expenses resulting from serious damage to your 首页. For example, if your roof is destroyed or a burst pipe renders your house temporarily uninhabitable, your insurer may pay for temporary accommodation in a nearby hotel. 

What Your 房主 保险 政策 Won’t 盖 

In addition to floods and earthquakes, your 政策 will not cover you in the event of war, rioting, and most pest related issues. There may be exceptions if these issues result in the loss of use 根据您的承保范围 personal property 涵盖范围,但是在大多数情况下,这些问题将不会覆盖您。

As eluded to above, your 保险 will not cover you if the damage was the result of neglect. If, for instance, there is a gradual leak that eventually results in a burst pipe or your 首页 is poorly maintained and this causes serious damage to the property or your personal belongings, your 政策 韩元’t cover you.

In any case, if you have an issue and experience damage to your 首页, yourself, your loved ones or any of your property, or a liability lawsuit has been filed against you, we recommend contacting your insurance company 发现你的 policy 盖子。

它没有’您可以问问,您的保险公司会给您详细列出您的 homeowners 保险 covers.